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Finished painting
Finished painting

Finished Painting

One of the most unique aspects of Mack Prototype can be found in the combination of high technology with the traditions of craftsmanship in the modelmaker's art. Attention to detail in the construction of your design involves many of the skills of the craftsman, from stock selection through machining and finished painting. Our modelmakers are highly skilled and proud of their ability to produce your design in the best possible manner using all of their available tools and talents. Mack Prototype is committed to continuous improvement in technology and our personnel.

The process

Regardless of the manner of construction of your design project, the final operation usually involves your desired finish specifications. Mack Prototype has made a substantial investment in machinery and our ability to create your desired effect. Our DuPont paint system is capable of matching over 3,300 stock colors, with an unlimited amount of colors available through visual color matching. Each of our paint technicians has attended the DuPont Master Finishing School to receive training on color matching and finishing procedures.

The DuPont Spectra system provides a tough and durable finish for your design with many light textures possible and a wide range of gloss.

We also have various capabilities including catalyzed painting, EMI/RFI shielding, vapor polishing, and silk screening. We have faith in our ability to deliver your requirements properly the first time.